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1:1 Monthly consulting

+ Consultation & questionnaire 
+ 60 min video call
+ Open ended questions 
+ Professional advice
+ Quick business review 

Consulting calls

Consulting calls are up to 60 mins and will include a video coaching call but most importantly we will go over and access business strategies, goals, and dreams. 

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flat fee 

+ Consultation & questionnaire
+ Exclusive VIP Resources Sheet
+ Client process & Pricing
+ Focused ½ Day to get it done

VIP 1/2 day

A dedicated 1/2 day to help support you and your unique business goals and needs. Consulting ½ days are available and customized 1:1 support for 4 hours.


+ Marketing & Social Media
+ Internal Ops
+ Teams, onboarding, training
+ Partnership help
+ Exclusive Instagram Group



flat fee 

+ Consultation & questionnaire
+ Text/ Call  Full Access 
+ Detailed documents 
+ Business Systems

1:1 monthly Consulting

Ready to boost your business &  receive a business refresh? Monthly consulting is custom to your unique business and to support your growth - no matter what stage you're in.  Includes biweekly video calls,  1:1 support M-F, exclusive access to tools, resources and discounts. Minimum 3 months commitment.


+ Website & Instagram review
+ Canva creation & templates
+ Team documents
+ Exclusive Instagram Group
+ Resources Sheets 




Your organizer bestie

Elevate your business with 1:1 personal Voxer support! I will be available to answer your questions as far as estimates, invoicing, project planning, products, client communication and more! 



3 month min. 

Lifestyle management & CONCIERGE

 Lifestyle Management & Concierge consulting services brought to you by LM Consulting.  Unlock the full potential of your business with the expertise of my professional organizing background and creative mind. I go beyond the traditional personal assistant, extending my support to home and businesses.




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It all starts with a discovery call

Fill in the contact form and we will send over a link to schedule a 15 min discovery call to chat more.

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From there, we will discuss your goals and needs before putting together a customized package for you.

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Oh, it's quite a journey! I found myself in a job that didn't quite spark joy for me, and the 9-5 desk job just wasn't for me. I've always been a social person, drawn to visually appealing things, and I love meeting new people. That's when the idea of starting my organizing business started.

Being a natural organizer and a bit of a neat freak, I decided to turn my passion into a profession. I started taking on clients, and as the demand grew, I realized it was time to make the leap into entrepreneurship.

With a degree in sports management, I was accustomed to not-so-great hours. But with my husband's job involving a lot of travel and moving, starting my own business became the perfect way to take my skills with me on this adventure.

So here I am, embracing the journey of entrepreneurship, bringing order and joy to spaces, meeting new people and helping organizers in a new way. 

I grew my business through social media and word of mouth. The more things grew the more traction my business got. I'm happy to share more in detail through 1:1 consulting.

Absolutely! Think of me as your backstage organizer, ensuring everything runs seamlessly behind the scenes. I've got you covered from training your team to managing operations, marketing strategies, and fostering strong client relationships. My goal is to make sure you and your team feel supported and heard, paving the way for growth and success. Let's build and establish a thriving team together! 

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